One Punch Man Season 2 is coming!

18:36:00 Yassir Dardour 1 Comments

Saitama comes back, but when exactly, is still hidden. A hoped-for release of the second season for Christmas 2016 fell into the water and an official release date for 2017 is still out.

Promised for the second season "One Punch Man" even more martial arts - cool moves and impressive technique. But with the opponent Garou strategy and tactics will be important, because he is a clever head and plans the steps of his opponent in advance. This is certainly conducive to keeping the hero Saitama at bay, because the Superheldendasein is enormously boring, if one can accomplish every opponent with only one blow. Furthermore, rumors spread that Saitama is weakened and seduced by an evil power. Another opponent is also often mentioned: Amai Mask, one of the most popular members of the Hero Association, also called Superhero Society.

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  1. Wooow, we all waiting the 2nd season, This is my best anime ever